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Hållbart Såklart! Fastighetsägarens guide till levande och hållbara stadsdelar

Sustainable of course! is a book for the property owner who wants to become sustainable and create vibrant and sustainable neighborhoods. The book is full of good examples and contains a solid factual background.


The book was nominated for Book of the Year 2019.

Publisher: Svensk Byggtjänst förlag.

Year of publication: 2019

Susanna Elfors is main author. 



Train Holidays is the book that was created because of the Train Holidays group on Facebook. It contains 24 exciting travel stories from the members of the group. Susanna has written the foreword and one of the stories.
Publisher: Eva Wrede förlag.

Year of publication: 2019.


Susanna is co-author.


Hållbara Hökarängen - dokumentation av ett utvecklingsprojekt

Sustainable Hökarängen was a development project within the housing company Stockholmshem with the aim of making the district of Hökarängen more ecologically, socially and economically sustainable. Susanna participated in the project and also wrote a book about it.

Publisher: Molin & Sorgenfrei

Year of publication: 2015.

Susanna is main author.

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