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Sustainability expert Susanna Elfors initiated a Facebook train for trainers who now gather tens of thousands of members. Hear her tell me about the benefits of a train holiday.

January 8, 2019 • 6: 16 min

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Susanna giving list of five things you must think of when going on train holiday.


“I started this Facebook group because I wanted to make it easier to go by train to other countries,” said Susanna Elfors, who heads up the site. Elfors spoke with The World's Carol Hills about turning to trains to combat climate change.


"I believe  that the answer to sustainability is to work local. The Big structures Will not be changed, the establishment and the companies to not take enough responsibility" says Susanna Elfors, founder of Bagarmossen Resilience Centre. 

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Susanna Elfors, founder of Tagsemester, a fast-growing Facebook group for people who want to travel more by train for climate reasons, at the central train station in Stockholm, Sweden May 31, 2019.

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