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  • Susanna Elfors

Ällmora - the transition of a summer cottage to a permaculture paradise

Uppdaterat: 13 apr. 2020

I have inherited a summer house from my father. Which was built by my grandfather in the 1940s. A summer place I love and have always returned to. At the same time, I have to admit that I have been there too little for various reasons and that it is in many ways neglected. I have long thought that I should do something about this place, both in terms of social and ecological sustainability. I want to attract more people and contribute to a better ecosystem and more biodiversity, etc. But time has never existed, until now. The corona time feels like the perfect time to deal with this! And I was thinking about blogging more. I will blog about things I think about. Though in English this time when I noticed that there is some interest in what I think and do in other countries. Tomorrow I'm going to be on French TV and that was what made me realize that I should write in English. I'm going to talk about traveling after the corona crisis. But of course it was Ällmora I was going to write about. The first thing to do is to change the sewer system. The idea is more circulation, to ship the sludge tank that makes the place dependent on a truck that comes and fetches sludge and instead utilize this resource locally. So now I have asked my friend and office colleague Radhusbonden if he wants to help me.

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