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  • Susanna Elfors

Waiting for something new - Maybe The Great Conjuction will show it to me

I always say that I will start blogging and then I write something and forget it. But this time I will try to endure. Thus I am going to write something, almost every day. And I do not know yet how it will become, and what it will be about. This year has been very...turbulent, for me and for the rest of the world. When I decided to change my life, the virus arrived. I have left a lot of old stuff and now I am waiting for something new to come in. Maybe it will start tomorrow when the Great Conjuction will happen. Saturn and Jupiter will be so close that they will appear as one star, the Christmas star. The picture below is of the moon and on Saturnus and Jupiter this summer, before the conjunction. I took it this summer at my summer cottage, Ällmora, that you can read more about on this page. Isn't it beautiful?

Hopefully it will not be cloudy tomorrow. Then I might be able to see the conjunction and I also really hope that something new will come into my life. An idea that will grew, a new person or something else.

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