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Lotta Vidén och Linda Orup, project leader Familjebostäder

We hired Susanna to develop a development and action plan for the center of Gubbängen, which would highlight the opportunities for the company's further development of the center. She performed the assignment and study work with great commitment through interviews, analyzes and, not least, a well-attended workshop with residents, entrepreneurs and municipal administrations. We have had a good working relationship with Susanna, which has resulted in a well thought out report with a clear strategy.

Tobias Lind, project leader Bagarmossen Smartup

In our district development project Bagarmossen Smartup, we have benefited greatly from the collaboration with Susanna. On assignment, she has arranged activities and written articles about the project's activities in a very ambitious and good way.


In this work, we have benefited greatly from Susanna's knowledge of sustainability issues linked to urban development as well as her broad network of contacts.


To our delight, she is now also a tenant with us through the Bagarmossens Resilience Center.

Åsa Stenmark, then project leader Sustainable Hökarängen (now communications officer at Stockholmshem)

Susanna worked in Stockholmshem's development project Sustainable Hökarängen, to support the project management. She led a number of sub-projects, arranged workshops and coordinated a two-day sustainability festival. She also contributed to the communication in the project by writing blog posts on the project blog and receiving study visits and guided city walks in the area.


In addition, we hired Susanna as an author when the project is documented in book form. We have had a very good collaboration which continued even after the project and I can highly recommend her services in work on sustainability and district development. 

Irena Lundberg, projektledare Stockholm Business Region

Susanna has collaborated with Stockholm Business Region and Invest Stockholm since 2013 and has participated in several environmental initiatives in Stockholm Söderort in support of cluster development, renewal of the outer city and new entrepreneurship. In the cluster development project, Susanna has conducted guided environmental screenings in Högdalen's industrial area, participated in seminars and technology expo at Forum Högdalen, and designed ideas for future development of Högdalen as a sustainable district in collaboration with property owners, residents and environmental technicians.


Susanna has also contributed to the design and dissemination of the Stockholm Green pilot for new entrepreneurs in green industries in connection with local sustainability events and the Stockholm Climate Pact Conference. Susanna has a unique expertise in climate and environmental issues and a great deal of experience in development work to strengthen resilience and integration in local city centers.

Anette Riedel, miljöförvaltningen Stockholms stad

Thank you for the very well-executed (project management and planning, marketing and site responsibility) event Recycling scale Valla Torg in Årsta, with satisfied organizers, visitors and exhibitors.

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